Welcome to Paleochora! A hidden gem in the Greek Islands

I know, I know. It’s been a little while since I’ve posted… and I have SUMMER to blame! Hot, sunny days, Iced freddo cappuccinos, people watching and refreshing dips in the Mediterranean. I mean, can you blame me?

Some wine, please!

I almost accidentally skipped over all of summer without keeping you in the loop! Unintentionally, of course; and I promise I won’t leave you hanging any longer!

Kids jumping off the rocks next to the tide pools

Welcome to Paleochora! A hidden village off the south coast of Crete full of shops, tavernas, camping, tide pools, coves and beaches.

Greek flag

It feels different over here than other parts of western Crete. More hippieish maybe?

Dan hanging out in a taverna’s treehouse

Or maybe it’s the gorgeous tide pools sitting next to colorful, rustic buildings that remind me a bit of Oregon mixed with a Baja feel.

Small alley ways in the village

This place is just so peaceful and vibrant at the same time.

 Paleochora is a locals favorite getaway and a tourists hidden gem.

You can camp along the coast, hotel it for a few days or just go for a day trip. There is plenty to see with enough time to do absolutely nothing and relax – all while staring out onto the vast ocean with a drink in hand.

Dining in Paleochora facing the small coves to the East
dining in paleochora
Dining in Paleochora facing the main beach to the West

If lounging isn’t exciting enough, you can take a boat to Elafonisi, Loutro and many other Mediterranean beaches along the southern coast of Crete.

Facing the dock in Paleochora

TIP: Make sure you talk with the boating company personnel once you arrive in Paleochora (and view the schedule via their website) to make sure you don’t miss the boat trip you want to go on and to check the weather (it can get super windy on the south side of the Island and you may not have the best time). Also, check out 10 vital tips you need to know before visiting Elafonisi

paleochora boat information
Paleochora boat information

 It takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours to drive from Chania and about 2 ½ to 3 hours from Rethymno.

driving directions from Chania to Paleochora
driving directions from Chania to Paleochora

Along your way, you’ll see gorgeous views of the mountains and Mediterranean sea scattered with teeny tiny villages.

on the way to paleochora
On the way to Paleochora

You may even see a little old Greek grandma walking the side of the narrow road. (Be careful when driving!)

on the way home from paleochora
On the way home from Paleochora – A little Greek lady walking on the left

TIP: Bring cash! Most tavernas (restaurants) don’t accept card. Plus! When you drive through the mountains to get to Paleochora, you’ll have a chance to stop at a few small shacks along-side the road that offer a plethora of local and organic honey, raki (Greek moonshine), royal jelly and many other mountain village products!

on the way to paleochora
Beautiful abandoned homes

If you take a stroll along the east side of the village and walk as south as you can go, you will find crystal clear turquoise tide pools that line up with a small cove, beach and taverna.

Walking to the cove

This little beach is so blissful. You can snorkel and scuba dive around the rocky cove or post up on the beach, reading a book.

Interesting rock formations

TIP: On the way to or from Paleochora, make sure you stop by Charma “Cretan” Brewery! The brewery is located in a village 5 minutes off the main road to Paleochora.

directions to Charma Brewery
Directions to Charma Brewery

Charma Brewery offers some of the best Greek craft beers we’ve ever had and you can even get some brews go to! It’s a definite must-stop and they don’t mind having kids around! They offer a full menu and plenty of seating.

charma beer
Charma beer

Not to mention you may be lucky enough to have a little Greek lady hand you fresh figs off her tree!

charma brewery figs
charma brewery
Charma brewery and the fig lady
on the way to paleochora
On the way home from Paleochora

It was such a fun day trip and we can’t wait to visit Paleochora again! How about you?!

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